August 17, 2022

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Most Popular Gaming Slang Insults Dictionary For A N00b

If you are new to the world of internet gaming and still unfamiliar with the Gaming Slang Insults used by other players, then you will be considered an “N00b”. In case you were playing an online game recently and saw terms like “gg” and didn’t know it stood for “good game,” then you will find this guide on gaming lingo very useful.

Gamer Slang Urban Dictionary

In multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty communication in the form of cryptic messages with players in the circuit plays a crucial role. Every second is invaluable. We have compiled top gaming slang insults used in online gaming.

So, before further ado, let us dive into the glossary for video gamers who do not want to be called N00bs and want to communicate faster. As they say, “Time is mana


Love it or hate it, you might have experienced grinding in a game. People use Grinding as a term to define the repetitive actions performed in a game to earn a reward. Take the example of a highly expensive car in Gran Turismo. You need to play the same races over and over again to accumulate the money so you can buy that car.


It means Away from Keyboard. It means you are not playing for some time.

Easter Eggs

This term is used to describe some elements of the game that are not vital yet hold a special value. It is also a common feature in Pixar movies where you can find A113 written at places. A113 is the name of the classroom, where most of the Pixar employees studied.


For online gamers, a troll is a person whose main motive is to act in a way to offend other players. It is a very popular gaming slang insults spread into social media dictionary as well.


It is a slang of newbie and used to describe the person who is new to the game or doesn’t know how to play.


A camper is a person who hides in a corner to get easy kills by surprising others. Most people don’t like this practice as it involves no tactics. People hate campers, especially in fast-paced games like Overwatch.


It is the short form of resurrection. You will hear this term frequently in PUBG while reviving a fallen teammate; you are “Rezzing” them.

PC- Asus


The term describes the act of collecting supplies needed in the game.


It is the act of spectating another player to learn their tricks to beat them.

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When the game developer thinks a particular item/character in the game is too good from a balancing perspective, they reduce its efficiency. This is termed nerfing.


Buff is the opposite of what a nerf is. It basically means increasing the base statistics of a character or an ability. In a MOBA game, a buff refers to a jungle monster that gives you special additional stats, giving you an edge over the enemy who doesn’t have one.

Rage Quit

When a player is not able to perform well and ends up quitting the game in anger.


In multiplayer games, when your character or vehicle is continuously springing here and there due to lag, the term Rubberbanding, one of the Gaming Slang Insults is used to define the scenario.

No Scope

In games, players use sniper rifles to place well-aimed shots. To get the best result, you need to use their in-built optics to shoot properly. If you kill someone without looking through the scope, it is termed as no scoping.


A person who uses an exploit or a modified version of the game to gain an unfair advantage over the others. 


It is a type of hack where you automatically aim at the opponents, usually on their heads. You should not confuse it with aim-assist on consoles.


In games such as Counter-Strike, you have an option to play against computer-controlled opponents. These opponents called bots.


While playing an online game, your computer sends and receives information to the server you are connected to. Ping is the time it takes data to make a round trip between your computer and server. We measure ping in milliseconds. A high ping of say, 300 would lead to problems like rubberbanding.


Frames per Second is the number of times the computer is updating the things shown on the screen. A game that runs at low FPS gives a bad experience and at times could be unplayable. Most gamers look for 60 FPS while others are content with just 30 whereas some might want as high as 120 FPS.


A feeder is someone who intentionally dies in a game either because he didn’t get his role or character. It can also be someone who just keeps on dying because of no apparent reason.

Stream Sniper

A stream sniper is someone who is actively watching a video game streamer and follows the streamer by looking at his stream. They often make the game unplayable for the streamer since they are actively tracking their every move. Some stream snipers do it just for fun or to make an appearance in the stream.

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Bunny Hopping

Bunny hopping is a term made popular by Counter-Strike players. It refers to the act of moving around while jumping at the same time. This allows players to avoid any incoming damage by making unexpected movements.


While FPP refers to the First-person perspective, TPP refers to the Third person perspective. If you are playing an FPP game, you cannot look at your character model, while TPP allows you to view your character model.

Most Popular Gaming Slang Insults Dictionary For A N00b
SMURF means – Experienced gamer posing as a newbie


A smurf account is something a player might do to play with lower-ranked players. Players tend to play on smurf just for fun or to try new strategies without having to worry about their stats in their existing account.

Meat Shield

A meat shield is usually a character in a game who has high hit points and can soak a lot of damage. Meat shields are usually tanky characters who can provide assistance to their team by giving them a vision or engaging in fights.


A classic term as Gaming Slang Insults used by gamers, Pwn refers to the act of owning a round or a game. It is usually used when players totally dominate a game and win it.


Often used as an abbreviation for Non-Playable Characters, an NPC is someone controlled by the video game itself and cannot be played by a real player.


PvP refers to a video game that focuses on Player vs Player, while PvE means Player vs Environment.


GGWP stands for Good Game Well Played with gamers often using it when someone plays well.


Abbreviation for Downloadable Content usually refers to separately released content for a video game that can be bought as an add-on. A DLC often contains a wide variety of content ranging from vehicles, weapons to entire expanded storylines and missions.


A glitch usually refers to a bug in the game. It can either be funny for some players but might cause frustration for others.


G2G or GTG stands for Got to go. It usually means the player is going to go to some other work and leave the game in between.


Kill steal, often known as KS, is the art of stealing someone else’s kill.


AOE means Area of Effect and often refers to an ability or weapon that can deal damage over a wide range of areas, such as a Rocket Launcher or a Grenade.

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Jebaiting means baiting an enemy to your team or letting them chase you so you can kill them.

More Online Gaming Phrases

  • Aggro: Gamers use this term to describe an instance where a monster is focusing on you and not the other players.
  • DPS: DPS or Damage Per Second is the damage that a character inflicts on its enemy while attacking.
  • FoV: FoV or the Field of View is the area that you can see on your computer screen. A higher FoV allows you to get a better view of the playing field. However, if you set the FoV too high, the scene would appear distorted.
  • KD Ratio: KD Ratio is an important part of games like PUBG and Call of Duty. It is a ratio between the number of enemies you killed and the number of times you died in the game. A high KD ratio shows your proficiency with the game.
  • QTE: Quick Time Events are sequences where you need to press certain buttons, that appear on the screen, to pass through the sequence. They are common in games such as God of War.
  • Griefer: We use griefer as a term to describe a player whose sole purpose is to irritate other players in a multiplayer game. 
  • Loot: Loot is the reward that you get after defeating monsters, enemy players, or loot chests. The difficulty faced in getting the loot is directly proportional to the value of the reward.
  • HP: Hit Points or HP denotes the amount of damage your character could take before it is defeated. It is advised that you try to reduce the enemy HP to zero while keeping your HP above zero.
  • CB/OB: CB/OB means “Closed Beta” and “Open Beta.” These terms are used to describe games that are under development, but the developers have allowed players to test the features of the game.
  • 4X: 4X stands for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. The term is used to describe games like Civilizations Series. 
  • HUD: HUD or Heads Up Display is the part of the screen which shows vital information related to the game, such as hitpoints, ammo, objectives, etc.

There are hundreds of such gaming slang insults, and it won’t be possible to list them all. Still, these few important Gamer Slang 2021 would help you immensely in understanding what others are trying to say when you play online the next time.