August 10, 2022

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It is never easy to stick to the number one position in class always. One has to carry the responsibility on shoulders, stay strong by holding up expectations that night even require to go to the extent of fights including crawling. With the My Hero Academia Chapter 319 getting released on Sunday, 11th July 2021, fans don’t want any delay in the My Hero Academia 320 release.

Well, the next chapter is on time. My Hero Academia 320 will release officially on Sunday 18 July 2021. Chapters are released every week and will be available in the next issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine by Shueisha. For online readers, it will arrive on MangaPlus in English and Spanish and will also receive a color page to celebrate the anniversary.

Please note: This article contains spoilers!


After being delayed by a week My Hero Academia Chapter 319 featured a flashback once Deku leaves the U.A. Academy. With the efforts of Bakugo, Shoto, and Tokoyam, school principal, and GPS they were able to track Deku.

It was even after the triumph against Lady Nagant, peace to Deku continued to elude. His desire to find clues about All for One and the continuous assaults of villains and assassins kept him going. Also in the process of getting rid of All Might and the urge to swiftly free the society from the scourge of the supervillain, Deku had gradually isolated himself. This nefarious spiral of self-destruction and rescue was accomplished in My Hero Academia 319.

What will happen in My Hero Academia 320?

Though the real spoilers are revealed a couple of days before the release but we have few speculations here. In Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 320, there is a strong consensus of a match between Deku and his classmates. To find the villains of Class 1-A who are pushing obstacles in Deku’s path, there has to be an outburst of aggression.

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Deku is likely to confront his Yuei classmates who are determined to block him. Iida, Bakugo, and Uraraka are looking for ways to stop their friend Deku. They are determined to challenge their friend and are most likely to start the battle. They will be joined in the attack by other guys of Class 1-A to exhaust Deku.

The question now is will the fight last the whole chapter? Likely to be Yes. Will Deku be defeated in the end? It will answer few burning questions!

Till the time chapter 320 arrives, catch up on the previous ones either on MangaPlus or Viz Media sites. In addition to MangaPlus, the first three and last three (latest) chapters can be read online on Viz for free. If you want to read the manga, join Shonen Jump! for $1.99USD/£1.44GBP/month. Viz also offers a trial membership for a week.

Else, you can watch the fan-favorite anime version of My Hero Academia streaming on Crunchyroll.