August 17, 2022

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PUBG Mobile Season 12: Skins, RP bonus & New Emotes Leaked

Mr. Ghost Gaming, the well-known PUBG leaker, uploaded a new video and much obvious it was on the latest leaks. He highlighted the upcoming features for the 12th season of the game. In a YouTube video uploaded on the 17th of February, we get to see, PUBG will get 11 new emotes, 100 RP rewards, and a new Royale Pass.

The first segment in the video shows the 11 new emotes being introduced to PUBG. Some of the cool ones are Twist, Hardened Veteran, Cradle, Critical Hit, Operation Tomorrow, Metal Storm, Charged Armor, Queen of Wrath, and Rhythm Rider. 

The new update would also bring some new skins for the weapons present in the game. The skins are available for M4 (Lizard Roar), Groza (Forest Raider), Scar-L (Operation Tomorrow), and M762 (8-bit Unicorn). There are some new skins for the vehicles as well. The sedan gets the Floral Dacia.

As for the season pass rewards, we have three new character skins that can be unlocked, three new helmet designs. A new skin for frag grenades, Bizon SMG, a new bag pack, and at least nine new character skins will be a part of this new update. 

As previously mentioned, some of the items from the first-anniversary edition of the game are also making a comeback. There would be a few new items to commemorate the second anniversary of the game as well. 

The video also provides a look at the bike workshop, which shows two bike mods. At last, we get to see what the Season 12 purchase bonus includes the first-anniversary crate, a couple of new weapon skins for AKM, and Kar98K. We will be seeing a new character, Carlo, along with additional voice chat commands.

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PUBG MOBILE is about to get the 0.17.0 update very soon which is already up in beta version. In the absence of new gameplay modes or maps, it still as excitement on offer. It will bring a mix of new weapon updates, a new Cold Mode and the return of the Death Replay feature.

Season 12 update is supposed to roll out during the second anniversary of PUBG mobile, which will be next month. Until then, we will keep you updated with the newest leaks from PUBG.