August 15, 2022

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PUBG Mobile Season 20 Release Date, Leaks, Royal Pass Rewards, & Everything We Know So Far!

PUBG Mobile, one of the favorite mobile games is going to celebrate its 20th season in the next couple of months. It has been only a few days with PUBG gamers enjoying Season 19. Yet there will be few who after hitting their targets will be looking for PUBG Mobile Season 20 leaks.

There is no dearth of influencers with Pubg Mobile Season 20 leaks and rumors. We have collected information on the release dates, RPs from various leaks and created a list of all the leaks and rumors. Do keep in mind that these are not official. We will keep on updating with more verified news as it comes by.

Till then, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dive in to see all the new leaks of PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royale Pass.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 Release Date

Traditionally speaking PUBG devs have kept a typical PUBGM season that lasts for 7-8 weeks only. The current PUBG Mobile Season 19 was released on May 17, 2021, with some amazing skins and an even more glorious event around Godzilla vs Kong.

PUBGM Season 19 RP event will end on July 13 at 5:29 a.m IST. It is visible in the in-game section of the Royal pass section. Moreover, it usually takes 24 hours to wind up any season. On top of it, devs take additional 2-3 days to release the new season to the gaming world, ensuring there are no show stoppers.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 release date should happen on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, at 7:30 a.m IST. If the download does not happen automatically, wait for few hours before the download gets started on your device.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 Ranking Details

PUBG Mobile India aka Battlegrounds Mobile India made the much-awaited debut for Android users in India on July 2. iOS users have been made to wait with no news. For Indian PUBG gamers, there has been a new nomenclature when it comes to Seasons and Cycles of game.

From Mobile Season 20 onwards, 3 Seasons of BGMI will be combined as a cycle. Each Season will be of 1-month duration with Season replaced by Month. The earlier convention of S1, S2 will be changed to M1, M2, etc.

Coming to Cycle nomenclature, it will be of 3 months and will follow C1M1 -> C1M2 -> C1M3 pattern. Once Cycle 1 ends, it will be followed by Cycle 2 and 3 seasons. Season 20 will be named as M1, Season 21 as M2, and so on.

For India, there will be some deviations from the process followed earlier. Devs have asked players to claim all the Royale Pass Season 19 rewards before the season ends and that is today.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 New Map

Devs had released a new map in the 12.2 updates recently and on the basis of this, it can be assumed that new content will come to PUBG Mobile.

Last month, PUBG had announced an agreement with Tesla. One can expect branded products of Tesla available in-game. It is speculated that teh products might range from Tesla-branded outfits and/or weapon skins, in-game vehicles. Depending upon the duration of the partnership, these will be available for a limited time.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 RP Rewards

As our love for the game grows so does the anticipation for more and more PUBGM weapons and skins. Devs ensure that the charm of the game is retained by offering unique RP rewards every season.

So here we are once again with some leaked information which sadly at this time cannot be verified as the sources are scrambled. But still, most of the leaks do come true as they are released in different builds and different files. So here are some of the PUBG Mobile Season 20 leaks.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 RP Rewards – Guns