August 17, 2022

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Top 11 Useful Apps for Students

Students face many challenges during their school years. From endless academic tasks and lack of time to the inability to organize them properly, achieving academic success can be quite a challenge. But, with a bit of help from the right and available tools, students can make it easier on themselves.

There are apps that students can use to improve their study habits and result to achieve more with less stress and time spent. We’ve put together a list of our 11 useful app students should start using.

Let’s take a closer look at them.


Great academic achievements start with good organization. Todoist is an app that offers students to:

  • take notes about upcoming tasks
  • set due dates and deadlines for assignments
  • organize your study session or school days using boards
  • increase productivity

It’s perfect for staying organized and achieving all your goals.


If you need a note-taking app, Evernote offers the whole package. It allows you to capture and save notes that include:

  • simple text
  • files
  • images and videos
  • voice memos

It’ll help you never miss to note down important information, and always know where to find it.


Students have a lot of writing to do, whether it’s essays, papers, projects, or research. Grammarly is an app that checks for spelling, grammar, and clarity mistakes and helps you solve them on the spot. Students can also find college essays for sale if they’re struggling with writing and need help with it.

4.Chegg Prep

If you want to improve your at-home studying, Chegg Prep is a brilliant flashcards app that will boost your study focus and success.

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You can make your own flashcards or use existing ones made by your peers. It’s easy to use and super-beneficial for remembering information as well as preparing for tests and exams.


Hemingway app analyses the readability and overall quality of the text. It signalizes if there’s something wrong with:

  • the number of adverbs
  • passive voice overuse
  • sentence complexity 

You can read about The 10 Best Writing Apps to Boost Your Writing if you need more writing tools as a student.


EasyBib offers two brilliant solutions:

  • citation generating
  • plagiarism checker

It helps students write better essays and get better grades. You can also check out these free essays if you need writing inspiration. Combine EasyBib with other writing resources for the best results.

7.Simple Mind

Mind mapping is a specific way of improving memory and acquiring information. This app makes mind mapping easy and helps students master this technique.

It’s perfect for visual learners who memorize better when they visually organize and present their study materials.

8.Oxford Dictionary

Every student should have a reliable dictionary and thesaurus app on their phones. Oxford Dictionary is a reputable and trusted app that students can reference whatever type of writing or oral presentations they’re preparing.


If you’re easily distracted by social media, shopping websites, video games, or any sounds your phone makes- you need a focus app. Freedom allows you to block these distractions while you’re studying, trying to fall asleep, or preparing a school project.

10.Microsoft Lens

Students use this app to turn pictures of whiteboards and documents into  PDF, Word, or Excel files. It makes note-taking and studying much more efficient and convenient.

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Solving math problems is made easy with this app. It allows you to take a photo of your math assignment and offers step-by-step solutions.

Final Thoughts

The 10 apps we’ve listed above can help you solve a variety of study-related issues and challenges. Choose the ones that fit your student needs and start improving your academic results.