August 17, 2022

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TWS Beats Studio Buds earphones rumored to get 3 new colors

Apple’s Beats Studio Buds had launched in June 2021 in 3 different colors, namely White, Red and Black. Now, if rumors are to be believed, Apple is planning to launch 3 more color options- “Moon Gray,” “Ocean Blue,” and “Sunset Pink”, maybe to celebrate its first anniversary of launch. This would bring color options to 6. The leak has been shared on Front Page Tech’s YouTube channel by Jon Prosser. The same has been echoed by Roland Quandt on the pages of WinFuture. Apple has not officially confirmed the news.

These new colors of TWS Beats Studio Buds earphones are not part of special edition launches similar to the Union released in November 2021. The new shades planned for release are Moon Gray, Ocean Blue, and Sunset Pink. The naming convention is interesting with blue suggesting to be intense, gray to be for sombre mood and pink should be delicate. Here check them out

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