August 17, 2022

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WWE 2K22 Universe Mode crashing on PS5, XBOX Series X & PC! Here are Tips to save from a Smackdown

WWE 2K22 has acquired a niche following over the years often dissuading newer players from vesting interest in the platform across all platforms of gaming. This argument is somewhat justified when one thinks of the 2020 release that was mostly laughable in its attempts to be called a game. Broken animations, uncontrolled physics, and bland writing coupled with stiff facial expressions made it a lacklustre experience. While 2K22 held out pretty well on its own for a while the latest 1.05 update patch turned the game over its head. Here’s our curated list of options that you could try out. There aren’t many to speak of, nevertheless, they may come in handy.

What is the Universe Mode crashing issue on WWE 2K22?

According to several complaints on social media, the game crashes frequently during matches or when playing a few rounds on the Universe mode or when utilizing the Creation suite. Gamers have also reported crashes when trying to change an arena for exhibition and when trying to access the image list in Deletion Utility. The game getting broken has happened after the release of patch 1.05. The crashes often happen mid-game or right in the midst of developing your creation, which when you consider the allowance of 3-D models can be rather frustrating.

The problem has been noticed across all platforms which include even last-gen consoles like the PS4 or the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. There are a few hit and miss solutions that might work but, these are best taken with a pinch of salt. PS4 users can identify their crash based on whether the crash report has the serial code-(CE-34878-0).

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Error Prompt for the PS4 on WWE 2K22

On the more versatile and volatile form of social media, several posts have been noticed raising attention to the issue, while others offer individual opinions which hint at the possibility of what might have caused the crash.

In most cases exceeding the Custom images, the slot limit is what caused the crash. Users who have more than 280 custom images stored on the account have witnessed multiple crashes in both Universe Mode and Custom Creation. However, deleting just about enough images such that the limit stays below 280 pictures has subsequently stopped all such issues.

How to fix Universe Mode crash issue on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

For nearly everyone who reported the issue, the problem began shortly after installing the 1.05 patch update. As it stands the only way to run WWE 2K22 smoothly on the respective platforms is by having no more than 280 custom images on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

User u/lschulte33 found a temporary workaround that serves well on both current and last-gen consoles. Teh images can be deleted by heading to the deletion utility. Go to the right using R1(or R2) but don’t go past custom images.

For many deleting a ton of images and files not being used has helped and brought them back into the universe.

It’s a hit and trial method with downsides to this temporary crutch. Some users claim that the crash had corrupted most of their custom image save-files while graciously being spared their Universe Mode save.

This brings us to our second and drastic solution, not recommended though. This one is to permanently delete saved files and start afresh. Even after trying out the custom image deletion method, it doesn’t fix the WWE 2K22 Universe Mode crash and a few more features, you can delete all your Community CAW’s.

To delete the images associated with CAW’s, Go into Online, Community Creations, Image Manager, Local, Deletion Utility and delete all the unused images. If you are still getting crashed out, you’ve got too many images saved and the next patch can save you.

However, one user has come back with an issue in deleting files and it is related to a new glitch with CAWs as well.

How to fix Universe Mode crash issue on PC?

The PC platform is somewhat trickier to figure out. If you acquired the game from Steam then verify your game files to see if anything is missing from the usual retinue. Steam also offers tools to help fix your install, so running a diagnostic check might tell you where the problem lies. Having a third-party anti-virus can sometimes interfere with the proceedings. Try disabling them and doing a re-installation.

A last-ditch attempt would be to update your graphics drivers, although it’s more of a placebo effect than anything actually concrete.

When is a stable update coming from 2K Support?

Visual Concepts has mentioned the possibility of a future update that aims to resolve the issue. Their tweet on the WWEGames Ribbie account stands testament to that.

WWE2K2 also extended further support by posting a tweet with a link that allows users to post their issues along with the necessary screenshots. Further info like a video recording or a screen capture of the proceedings has also been asked.

The only cause of worry is that WWE 2K19 on PC continues to face the same issue and unfortunately it has not been patched. It happens when one hits X/XXXXmb, the game stops allowing you to save. It is hoped that now the crash issue has affected the consoles and impacted a wider audience, hence 2K won’t just ignore it.

As it stands, 2K Games looks like they’re all set to tackle the issue head-on. With promises to release a stable update patch in the near future, one must only bide their time and rest on the hope that all their lost data can be, in time, recovered.

Share with us if you tried any workaround of your own, not listed above in teh comments box below.